My name is Egg! I like drawing colorful and fun art!
☆ I can also do different commission types if you have something in mind, just ask me! ☆

Will Draw

  • Humans/Humanoids

  • Furries

  • Animals

  • Monsters

  • Most things (just ask if you're unsure!)

  • Can draw backgrounds too, ask for a quote for them! (assume around $20-$60+ added on)

Will NOT Draw

  • NSFW / Nudity

  • Fetish Art

  • Intense Gore (Mild is ok!)

  • Hate art

Icon - $30

Only 1 Character per image for icons! Can do connecting icons though!

Halfbody - $50

Fullbody - $70

Chibi - $40

Tiny fullbodies with simplified anatomy and details.

Tiny - $25

These will always be 200x200 and unshaded!

Here's the current tiny army:

Emotes - $40

500x500 busts. Comes with 5 different expressions on a base body. Can have different hands and/or objects with the different expressions. Can add 5 more emotes for $15
These work best for discord emotes but can be used for whatever!

Twitch Emotes - $20 each or $80 for a set of 5

560x560 busts. These emotes have thicker lines meant to appear more visible on Twitch or a similar site, they will all be unique and not on a base like my normal emotes.

Sketchpage - $100

A page of cleaned up character sketches, typically comes with 4-6 sketches. Fully colored and shaded.

If interested, please make sure to give me a rundown of your characters personality, likes, and interests. This helps me accurately portray your character!

Reference Sheet - $150+

Comes with a shaded and flat version. Comes with a front view, a back view, 3 outfit chibis, and max 5 inventory items.

Prices for these vary, base price is $150 but I charge extra for complex designs and extras!
Extra outfit chibis can be added for $30 each, extra items can be added for $10.

If interested in this option, let me see the character you'd like and any add ons desired and i'll give you a quote!

Custom Design - $100 - $200

A character custom designed for you! I can try to make any kind of character but please keep in mind I work much better with humanoid and anthro characters! If wanting to commission me for this, please make sure to have a good idea what you would like!

100$ for just a custom design (front view only), however I can also make a ref for your new character for an extra $100! (includes front and back view, outfit chibis, an inventory, and character info!)

Terms of Service

By commissioning me or buying adopts from me in any way, you are agreeing to the terms of service below:

Commission T.O.S

☆ Commissioning art from me grants you personal use of your digital copy, which means you cannot in any way use the art to gain a profit.

☆ I do not mind if you post art commissioned by me/ use it as an icon/ as page decor as long as you clearly credit me! (All of my social medias can be found at the bottom of this page for proper crediting!)

☆ Personal use encompasses, but is not limited to: The posting of art in character galleries, cropping for icons and/or graphics. Please ask me if you wish to use your art for other personal uses that do not fall under these categories.

☆ I do NOT allow refunds. However, if money has not yet been sent by the commissioner, you may cancel the commission.

☆ I do not show WIPs for commissions by default. If you would like WIPs please tell me beforehand!

☆ If it has been an unreasonable amount of time (~6 months) since you have requested a commission please tell me! I will notify my commissioners if there is a delay. My commissions typically take around 2 weeks to a month to complete depending on my queue. My queue and commission progress can always be checked via my trello.

☆ Commercial usage is NOT available for purchase at this time.

☆ All payment is made upfront via Paypal.me & expected within 48 hours of an accepted commission. Failure to pay during the allotted time will result in commission slot cancellation.

☆ Please be clear if you would like a time limit for your commission delivery. I do not allow due dates earlier than 2 weeks, and I will specify in my openings if the commission(s) will take longer than normal, so please keep this in mind.

☆ If there is a small problem with your commission (ex. coloring or marking mistakes) I will change them for free. However, larger changes (anything I have to completely redraw) will come with an extra charge.

☆ Commissioners DO NOT have the right to mint/sell their commissions for NFT.


Adoptable T.O.S

☆ After you buy a character design from me, the design is completely yours. However, you must credit me for the original design. (All of my social medias can be found at the bottom of this page for proper crediting!)

☆ You are not allowed to use my designs for commercial use. Meaning you are not allowed to receive any profit of my art or designs (not for fake or real currencies)

☆ I greatly prefer if designs purchased from me are resold for the price they were purchased for plus however much you feel has been invested in them (personal art, commissions, etc) I cannot uphold you to this of course, but if I see you drastically raising the prices of my designs without anything added to them I may not wish to work with you and you may be blacklisted.

☆ Going off the bullet above, I prefer if designs by me traded to you with no money involved are not resold.

☆ You are allowed to make changes to designs made by me once you have purchased the adoptable, but please don't edit the original file.

☆ I do not offer refunds for my adopts.

☆ When buying or offering on my adoptables please do not hide your comment or back out of it without giving me a reason to. Doing so repeatedly will put you on my blacklist.

☆ I allow holds on adoptables, but only if you are 100% you are able to afford the adoptable on said date.

☆ Payment must be made within 48 hours, if I haven't received payment within the alotted time without any reason I will put the adoptable up again. (if we never agreed on putting your adopt on hold)

☆ Do not trace, steal, re-upload or copy my adoptables.

☆ I am not responsible when you lose an adopt file. I most likely have the files for my newer adopts (from 2019 up to now) and if your files are lost you may ask me for them, but if I do not have them I am not at fault. Please consider backing up your files.